from David Forer, Master of Wine

The Riesling Report – Launching Soon!
The Riesling Report champions Riesling from around the world. Covering the world’s greatest white grape, this web-only Report will have tasting notes & reviews on specific wines, including historical retrospectives, but will also cover vintage reports from the four key Riesling producing regions in the world – Germany, Alsace, Austria, and Australia. I will also have an educational section for students of Riesling to learn more about this magnificent grape – the terroirs of where Riesling is produced, a description of the styles it can present, and details about the rules of production (specifically Germany!).
I am currently building an array of tasting notes and reports – hold tight!  While I’m compiling the database of notes and content keep an eye on the blog section. There I’ll  be posting video and written pieces of different Riesling events I go to! While the site is being complete and tasting notes & reviews compiled, the blog will include some interim  tasting notes to whet your palate – check it out!
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